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World For You Care Therapy™ Course
We Make Care Better.

Are you ready for a career change?

Become a World For You Care Therapist©

The world of care is a complex combination of the many needs and wants of a person which the care profession is well equipped to educate and prepare carers to help in their everyday role of compassionate care.

The world of wellbeing is also complex. There are many different therapies which serve to offer relaxation in their own unique way.

Yet, those in care seek the peace and tranquillity in mind, body & spirit like any other person would seek in wellbeing therapy. From the basic aesthetic yet important treatments such as nail cutting and skin care, to the complex care and compassionate understanding needed for care clients, relaxation and kindness is every bit as important as nursing and medical care. This is the care that looks after the mind and spirit, and is the part that is fundamentally important to healing.

We have developed this course, after spending many years in care homes, care settings and working alongside domiciliary care providers and NHS units.

The aim of this course is to train carers and nurses in compassionate care and treatment, where there is mental appreciation of the clients’ needs as well as being trained in how to carry out specific treatments which enhance the quality of life for a person, whether this is short or long term care.

These courses are designed solely for those working in the Care industry. They are adapted to focus on care settings and requirements, what you can and cannot do, the adaptation of services, and more.

Not just a Carer. Be a Care Therapist

This course is fully accredited with EliteMark as a CPD approved course. Insurance is provided by InSync Insurance. The course is designed by a fully qualified and experienced therapist with over 32 years experience, having worked in the world of quality assurance as well as the care industry.

To become a World For You Care Therapist™ will qualify you and enable you to offer the following:

NAiLS IT!© – Nail Cutting & Care- Nail cutting and nail & skin work

ENACT – Natural Appearance during Cancer - Make Up and Skin care for Cancer Clients

SPRKL - Skin Protection, Relaxation and Kindness in Later life - Facial Skincare

SCICA – Spinal Cord Injury Awareness - Caring for those with Spinal Cord Injuries

REST – Relaxation Seated Massage - Seated relaxation massage treatment

SiRA - The Scents in Relaxation - Scented Oils & Aromatherapy Massage in Care - Aromatherapy relaxation massage

Heel On Point© – Calming Therapy of the Feet & Hands in Care - Therapeutic treatment for feet and hands

Mauritian Vie Massage™ - The Ultimate in Massage Fusion - Combined massage techniques


10 day course 1 day a week + 20 case studies - (9am - 3pm)/                    

or intensive 5 day course + 20 case studies - (9am – 6pm)

ONLINE: 12 day course 1 day a week + 30 case studies - (10am - 2pm)


(can be paid as split payments: £499 deposit, £500 on week 5 & £500 on week 10)

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