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NAiLS IT! Nail Cutting Course
The UK's largest nail cutting training provider

How many times have we heard or seen the lack of care given to this very basic need for all patients in long term care? This course is aimed at educating caregivers to give them the skill-set and confidence they need to undertake this basic element of care.

This is a CPD accredited nail care one day training course and is designed for those who work in the Nursing and Care industries.

It is for those who have no training in nails and want to offer this skill competently, safely and confidently to their patients or loved ones without the risk of causing injury or discomfort.

On this course you will learn to file and cut nails on both hands and feet, as well as contraindications to these treatments. You will learn the basic massage routine as well as cuticle work. You will be able to carry out a basic hand and basic foot treatment by the end of your training day.

You will receive an EliteMark CPD NAiLS IT! certificate at the end of your training day which is insurable and comes with CPD points. It has been CPD accredited with the CPD Certification Service, Professional Beauty Direct, ABT Insurance, and EliteMark.

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